Teresa Giudice's pal once appeared in MTV's True Life: I'm a Staten Island Girl. But being in front of America on "Food Network Star" is a different animal. Her family -- which also includes her brother, Vito, as well as her parents, Giuseppe and Nuccia, who are natives of Sicily -- believes Josephine has what it takes to win the grand prize. * Frank is extremely competitive,keeping a seven-day-a-week workout regimen. Danielle DiPietro was one of the women documented who had big aspirations to become an actress. -- Check out a photo gallery of the 35-year-old's various "wins" on "Opposite Worlds" by clickingHERE. Normally, when a Staten Island resident is appearing on a reality TV series --"Bridezilla"and"Amazing Race"to"Big Brother"and"Worst Cooks in America"-- fans reach out to us in droves to demand updates and recaps. What's it feel like to hear Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis declare you the "best" chef in the competition, regardless of on-camera jitters? of Shaolin reality TV. It was daunting (chuckles) as I'm sure you've seen. R.I.P. DD: Absolutely not! Ms. Turner's a reality-TV veteran. DD: I was very pleased with how I came across. The 13th season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is premiering on Feb. 7, 2023 and former Staten Islander, Danielle Cabral, is joining the cast. took a pop culture pummeling over the last decade. Lauren is a 22 year old who had recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Public Relations. Alex Coladonato, musician. Danielle was on True Life in 2006, where she became known in the TV world as the Staten Island girl. FLASHBACK TO FEBRUARY 2009: The Staten Island DJ who was paired with a supposed soul mate on last year's "Big Brother" TV series confided that he was glad to return home and get back to business once his weeks on the show had ended. "She went on two auditions in Manhattan. But now, if somebody out there were to offer it to me, I'd consider it.". It's comforting to know that even documentary footage from MTV's True Life: I'm a Staten Island Girl is protected under the Shield Law.The Advance reports that Judge Matthew Sciarrino ruled that . And I cant even imagine an after.. Jill Aquilino hoped to see the world with her brother, Frank. This is the first time America is meeting me. She's a triplet who never left Staten Island before the show. Shehu Fitzgeraldformerly of The Phunky Elephant in Rosebank andFranco Francezeof Pasticceria Bruno in West Brighton also took top prizes on the show. re-recording mixer Camera and Electrical Department Patrick Lope . She can't say what it is, but offered a few hints (see video above). The surprise challenge? Culiacn (667) 716 8335 Tijuana (663) 202-1263. rollins college soccer ranking Envelope. Posted 10/17/06 10:41 PM You spend so many years working with food in restaurants and catering. "My brother was the smartest man I knew, along with being witty, creative and having the best personality," Ms. Aquilino, 24, wrote in her entry form, obtained from CBS. With a resume that includes casting and even talent coaching for everything from MTV's "Pimp My Ride" and "The Hills" to CNN's "Hannity & Colmes," as well as sniffing out MTV personalities like Gideon Yago and Vanessa Minnillo, Potestivo can speak with experience about a variety of programming. I liked that episode. They would then come to my house or wherever I was going, mic me up, and film me! And here I am: Just a regular guy who's cringing. We are unable to contact her at this time, but when she returns from the Big Brother house we will be terminating her employment for her unforgivable behavior. He's very tangible, not the type of executive you can't reach, and he was just a very good friend." "After losing him on 9/11, I felt I should apply for the show again, and this time, who could be a better runner-up than his best friend?!" Unfortunately, now-a-days showing no level of class, idiocracy and immaturity can actually make you a millionaire! Report. ", LEFT: Frank flexes for the 2005 NYFD "Calendar of Heroes." "He's happy, he's shining and in my opinion, a star," said Giada De Laurentiis. When I was a kid a trip on the Staten Island Ferry cost 5. "I think seeing these problems play out on TV could be helpful for a lot of people," she said. United States , New York , Staten Island/New York. Sabrina Balducci works in a salon, while her husband has focused his efforts on a nonprofit called NYC Arts Cypher, which provides programs and events for young artists. The show makes a really big deal of something she doesn't really consider a big deal at all: her sexuality. Once its recorded, its set in stone FOREVER! Eventually Lauren is able to work off the majority of her debt and is waiting for the day when she can move on, a day she can shake being a Staten Island Girl to become a City Girl. "A lot of people give up. In 2006, she teamed up with high school buddy and Huguenot residentDanielle(Dani) Torchio to compete in the ninth season of the "AmazingRace." I was able to go to California and pursue an acting career. Your fears were eased by around age 13. "Amazing Race" pits 12 two-person teams -- who have a pre-existing relationship -- on an around-the-world jaunt for about 30 days. "), numerous American spinoffs, international versions in France and the U.K., numerousalcohol-relatedarrests,multiple Snookibooks,tanning bed bro fisticuffsand at leastone I.R.S. While time will tell how far the pair will advance in the televisedrace, family members have said that the journey, for both young women, was the experience of a lifetime. Since we were in the dark about his stint on the series, we culled his official network bio (and the Advance archive) for little background info about this musclebound champ. Chef Sean Quinn of New Dorp was the latest talented S.I. producer Film Editing by Patrick Lope Sound Department Lou Teti . FLASHBACK TO AUGUST 2015: Eltingville native Dom Tesoriero came back from his battle with on-camera nerves to make a great showing in his "Big Flavor, Little Italy" pilot under the tutelage of Rachael Ray. ", (Pictured here:Angela Falcicchio of MTV's "True Life: I'm a Staten Island Girl," circa 2006. Anyway, have your say: Do you think Food Network execs made the right choice? It's this attitude that helped Potestivo standout from the pack in the beginning. FLASHBACK TO2007: One of the Islanders who won a reality show contest did it on her second try. DD: Absolutely not! emme: Were people portrayed differently on the show than how they act in real life? About ten years ago, to lower the cost of commuting from Staten Island, the fare was removed altogether. Minnillo, who is currently working her "dream job" acting in a half-hour, multi-camera sitcom pilot titled "This Little Piggy" (about a family who loses all their money and has to move back in together), says Potestivo is the real deal. { 2 comments read them below or add one }, Buon giorno, Danielle, Not everybody has spiky hair. Danielle DiPietro emme: What was the process for being picked to go on 'True Life'? After we ran out, we went on Facebook and raised a little money. Oh, and if you wanna seek out video clips: Laner has them posted on YouTube. True Life (TV Series) I'm a Staten Island Girl Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Directed by Patrick Lope Produced by Patrick Lope . Plus, I was surrounded by an entire team of professionals working together. Do we really need another "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives"? Maybe Christmas wishes do come true, because the SI Live blog is reporting that MTV is holding a casting . Stay tuned. emme: What advice would you give other women who desire to go on a reality show? A good, old-fashioned block party (complete with a dunking machine), whipped up with items found in the kitchens of neighborhood residents. "Then I got a phone call the week before Thanksgiving to fly out to California for the semi-finals. "She was always tight-lipped. The New Dorp High School graduate, who served in the U.S. Marines during the Persian Gulf War, once tipped the scale at 390 pounds. Lauren Ann McGlynn Curran, 54 Devoted NYC police officer, lifelong Hillside Swim Club member Lauren Ann Lauren Ann Curran Curran, 54, of West Brighton, passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loving "We had fun. Or in my case a guilty pleasure fan! Agnolotti bolognese is the dish I was always hoping to make. ON a recent Saturday night at Danny Boy's, a favorite neighborhood bar on the North Shore of Staten Island, Lisa Shammas could have snagged any guy . He has been picked on by trainer Jillian Michaels for potential "game playing" and we've seen his softer side during a visit from his family. I got on the show based on my e-mails and phone calls. "We only wanted to make our hometown and family proud," said the 29-year-old. but Team Blue ended up winning. "I'm hopping from network to network, show to show. The programs Web site describes the Eltingville woman as the tough big sister with a born to be bad style., This bisexual party girl refuses to be the Albanian Muslim ideal of a passive, obedient female her family would hope for, reads her bio. Their romance blossomed about a year ago. Summary: This episode of True Life features the girls of Staten Island and what that means in the real world. Sound off in the comments section below. We were teaching word phrasing and pronunciation funny for a guy from Staten Island of all places and helping talent get good at reading TelePrompters, and to be conscious of their looks." They have two children and still live on New York's Staten Island. Dinten's journey now continues at home, where he will have to deal with everyday life and not fall into old habits. In this episode of True Life three young women are introducted to the viewers. I think not. "Drew gets very excited and I can be very diplomatic. Zanatta gives the show props for the new twist. She was on MTV's True Life: I'm a Staten Island Girl. I actually shot 4 more follow-up shows for MTV along with hosting 2 countdowns. One year after it first aired, they're still all up in arms about MTV's True Life . True to life or not, it has been the talk of the town. emme: What was the process for being picked to go on True Life? I modeled a lot for different companies. Ed Canlon, proprietor of Canlon's in Oakwood, donated his $10,000 winnings to Staten Island charities such as the Marine Corps League of Sunnyside. I was able to walk several red carpets which were freakin awesome! ", The show airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m., starting Dec. 1. There were no harsh feelings, only hugs, as House claimed the title and $250,000 grand prize. And it didn't help that their cabbie was having a hard time figuring out which botanical garden they were supposed to go to. Both 101 and Es-Ca will have all televisions tuned to the premiere. With the upcoming The King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson looks to make his big screen breakout with a very personal story. It's a way to spice up a show that's been doing essentially the same thing for 23 years now, along with countless other docu-soaps that have branched off of it since then. Any cringe-worthy moments watching at home? "I'm always coming up with ideas, pitching ideas. The staff is very professional. Lauren and Danielle return to share what it was like to be on TV, and what they loved and hated about their show. New 'RHONJ' Housewife Danielle Starred 'In True Life: I'm A Staten Island Girl'. Your one-stop shop for all things fabulous! DD: Id like to say I was on a documentary series. Apparently Staten Islanders are super pissed about the way peopleand by people, I mean MTVstereotype them. The answer is complicated. They had never been to the ferry station! "When I came to New York from LA for my audition, and I was sick, he brought me tea and soup. Mack Sennett, nonetheless, was convinced she was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Thankfully, day-by-day,. That can never hurt! "I'm from the South Shore," says the tall, scruffy-chinned 32-year-old. But Feinberg did confess he's pulling for Frank and Margarita, separated parents from Sunnyside, Queens, to beat Rob and Brennan, a pair of buff 20-something lawyers from Los Angeles, and Joe and Bill, a persistent, persnickety gay couple from northern California. Way back in 2002, the Great Kills resident and his bride-to-be, Sabrina, were featured on MTVs "True Life: I'm Getting Married.". Did you by any chance work our holiday parties back in the day? Up next:"Cutthroat Kitchen: Evilicious. "It was life-changing, I'll just put it that way. Carlos gave me your website. Only low-key Emerson Hill native Vinny Guadagnino managed to escape relatively unscathed. They look Still, the praise for S.I. What is your favorite dish so far on 'Food Network Star'? Browse more videos. Obviously, it was about how I could perform on camera. "My sister was addicted to Percocet," said her twin, Francesca, who spoke to the Advance while Josephine was taking up residency in the "Big Brother" house in Los Angeles. "The key component was patience," a modest O'Connor said in a phone interview from Bayonne. I actually shot 4 more follow-up shows for MTV along with hosting 2 countdowns. "We're just two regular guys who like to have fun," Feinberg said. emme: What was the process for being picked to go on True Life? No pun intended! He. Unfortunately, now-a-days showing no level of class, idiocracy and immaturity can actually make you a millionaire! Genre (s): Drama, Reality, Documentary. They were split into separate rooms, and had to guess how their partner would answer four questions about their competitors, and the answers to those questions made up the safe's security code. My nationality is itialian. If you want to act a certain way and be portrayed in that light, thats fine. Background. I modeled a lot for different companies. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. women's movement back a decade. I'm standing next to a professional football player, a radio host and Arnold, an accomplished entertainer. FLASHBACK TO JULY 2012: For as long as her twin sister can remember, Josephine (JoJo) Spatafora, 26, has been telling her family that she'll be on TV one day. ", Great Kills nativeAngelina Pivarnick grandly declaredherself "The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.". Though crestfallen, Ms. Aquilino, a business consultant and former soccer star at St. Joseph Hill Academy, wouldn't give up. We were students there years ago, so I have a background in Italian; however, I have forgotten soooooo much. Real meatballs.". . Her Jersey Shore co-stars had a slightly less glam nickname for her: Trash Bags, because of her apparent lack of proper luggage. "Then they took me to the airport. But his new company, Vinnie Potestivo Entertainment, has gone from 2 to 15 employees in less than two years, proving with numbers that he is a rising talent in what he does. "I always felt that if I went home, I would be a failure and I don't want to be a failure to my kids," he told the Advance. " She was basically very coy about it," said her boss, Max Calicchio, who marveled at her big-money victory. ", Relax -- the Manhattan transplant made it through last night's episode, but just barely, thanks to some particularly wack mac 'n' Velveeta. I don't think that us three gave Staten Island the reputation that it has. The King of Staten Island, which premiered on Friday, June 12, follows Scott, a 20something who lives with his younger sister and mom in Staten Island, New York.. CC, I would love any video/audio footage involving joe tauriello. Ms. Aquilino andPietanza, a government bond trader for JP Morgan Securities in Manhattan, met three years ago through friends, according to CBS' website. I mean who doesnt love getting dressed up and posing for flashing lights, right? The Bad Girls season three reunion special ranked as the most-watched telecast in the network's history, with 1.4 million total viewers, according to Broadcasting & Cable. I shot multiple independent and feature films. A miniseries, perhaps? Balducci,who's proud of introducing the "guido"lifestyle to the masses, said borough residents should roll with the jokes while simultaneously taking digs at the "Jersey Shore" kids who he thinks ripped off his schtick. And two, I was hoping to take the spot away from some airhead who would make [Staten Island girls] look bad. millwall firm fights,